Stephen Brooks (English)

Stephen Brooks

Stephen Brooks - hypnose British hypnotherapist Stephen Brooks pioneered the use of Indirect Hypnosis in the 1970s and established British Hypnosis Research as a major source of training resources for trainee therapists in Europe during the later part of the 20th century.

Brooks is today widely acknowledged as the world's foremost authority on Indirect Hypnosis and he is best known for his fascinating one to one "live" therapy demonstrations, usually performed in front of large groups of practitioners.

He is one of the few people able to work therapeutically with patients producing fast and dramatic changes while simultaneously teaching others what he was doing. His ability to break down his magical demonstrations into simple to learn patterns established Brooks as a major contributor to the field of hypnosis and a role model for many serious students of hypnosis.

Brooks training style has led to creating a number of now well-known trainers, therapists and authors including; Joseph Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell (creators of Human Givens Therapy), Igor Ledochowski (NLP & Hypnosis trainer and author of 'The Deep Trance Training Manual'), Kerin & Gill Webb and Joseph O'Connor (Author of 'The NLP Workbook')

Brooks developed the indirect approach in the 1970s. Encouraged by Dr Milton H. Erickson, the world's leading authority on hypnosis at the time, Brooks was the first person to introduce Ericksonian Hypnosis into the UK, pre-dating the introduction of NLP by about 10 years. Brooks was subsequently responsible for creating Indirect Hypnosis training courses in over 20 British Hospitals and Universities over which time he trained thousands of Therapists, Doctors and Psychologists. As a recognized authority on hypnosis, recordings of his work have been preserved in the British Library Sound Archive.

Stephen has lived in Thailand for the past 12 years and teaches for BHR and other organisations worldwide.

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