Master practitioner training with Stephen Brooks

Master practitioner training with Stephen Brooks

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Date: September 2011, 3-7 and September 2011, 9-13

Attending this training will make an enormous difference to the way you work with clients and patients in the future as it aims to give you the practical experience of applying advanced innovative indirect hypnosis skills with certainty.

We will cover a lot of information on this course (please see the syllabus) and our aim is that you qualify with a high level of competency and skill superior to most graduates of general hypnotherapy training courses. On completion you will receive the Master Practitioner Certificate in the Practical Application of Indirect Hypnosis and Ericksonian Psychotherapy issued jointly by British Hypnosis Research and CFCHQ.

This is an advanced level intensive practical training for serious students of hypnosis, practicing therapists and professionals from the caring professions, so we ask for your serious commitment to developing your skills. Emphasis will be placed on learning advanced levels of indirect suggestion, Ericksonian psychotherapy, naturalistic trance techniques, hypnotic metaphor, pattern intervention and unconscious communication that you can apply therapeutically.

Ericksonian Hypnosis is indirect and allows you to employ highly effective hypnotherapeutic techniques as part of your therapy or care work in a relaxed conversational way without any direct use of traditional hypnosis. With the indirect approach the therapist does not imply that he has any special power to hypnotize, instead the emphasis is placed on the client or patient's ability to naturally experience hypnosis for themselves with the therapist's guidance. We believe this is a much more respectful approach to hypnotherapy and it reduces the client's dependence on the therapist as it empowers the client rather than disempowering them.

Erickson’s approach to hypnosis is recognized universally as the most effective and successful method for inducing hypnosis and his original and innovative approach to therapy has had a considerable influence over the caring professions.
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Language of the training

The training is offered in English and the participants can take advantage of a simultaneous and synchronized translation in French by a translator who masters the language used by Stephen Brooks.

Criteria of eligibility

The training offered to the practitioners in indirect hypnosis and to the practitioners who’s training is recognized as being equivalent by the CFCHQ.

Criteria of access to the certification

* The participants who will have fulfilled the following criterias will receive a joint diploma from the Centre de Formation et Consultation en Hypnose du Québec and British Hypnosis of London:
* Obtain a result of 70 % of a theoretical exam concerning the skills learned during the training. (This exam will represent 60 % of the total of marks)
* Evaluation concerning specifically the control of the knowledge, the skills to be communicated with the therapeutic language and the attitudes considered necessary and the active implication during the practical exercises. (This evaluation will represent 40 % of the total of marks)

To register:

To register, you can send us a email at with your coordinated (name, adress, phone and email). For more information you can contact us at 1.877.334.3116.

Payment Terms

Training Fee 1967,00$
TPS (837144856) 98,35$
TVQ (1216013529) 196.21$
Total 2261,56$
To pay before the training 250,00$
Payable before September 3, 2011 1990,90$